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CX-CC3015FA sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine

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CX-CC3015FA fiber laser cutting machine adopts high performance gantry beam structure. The whole structure parts and crossbeams are annealed by strict standard annealing process by high temperature numerical control electric furnace. With the advanced and reliable design,it can ensure the structural accuracy of the machine tool stable for a long time.
All the key components of the equipment adopt famous brand international and domestic products. It has good system rigidity, high precision, long lifetime, high reliability and low consumption. The machine tool is compact and small size. It can cut stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, gold, silver, carbon steel and other metal materials.



1) High strength machine tool has relieved the internal stress through aging annealing
treatment to ensure a long-termstability and accuracy.
2) Double Drive design,high precision rack gear and rail.
 (Dual drive, aging treatment, stress relief test to ensure long time  fast running without
changing shape;)
3) Movable Handle Control with convenient operation.
4)Smooth and fine edge or surface and small distortion.
5) Receiving system is convenient for collecting the material.
6) Dedicated software enables graphic or test to instantly designed or processed.
7) No gas is needed.Auxiliary gas could be blow for cutting the metal plates.

Product Details


CX-CC3015FA fiber laser cutting machine :

 Processing Format and Working Area  Parameter
 Machine Tool(L*W)  3000mm*1500mm
 Output Power  500-12000W
 Continuous Working Time  20h
 Software Cypcut
 Application Materials  Stainless steel, metal,carbon and aluminum etc
 Precision  X Y Axis Positioning Accuracy  ±0.05mm/m
 X Y Axis Repeat Positioning Accuracy  ±0.03mm/m

X Y Axis Max.Positioning Accuracy  100m/min
X Y Axis Max.Acceleration 0.8G
Time of Exchangetable 15s

 Electric Parameter
Phase 3
Power Supply Rated Voltage 380V
Frequency 50Hz
Power Protection Level IP54
 Weight and Dimension Max.Load of Workbench 750kg
Machine Tool Weight 6500kg

CX-CC3015FA fiber laser cutting machine :

◆Application Industry
Applicable to sheet metal, hardware, kitchenware, electronics, automotive accessories, advertising, lighting, decorations, and other industries.
◆ Cutting Materials
It's widely used for cutting 0.4-20mm carbon steel, 0.4-10mm stainless steel, galvanized sheet, electrolytic board, silicon steel, aluminum alloy
and other metals.