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Laser cutting machine specialized for glasses industry

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Specialized laser cutting machine for glasses can cut arbitrary design graphics on sheet metal with high speed, high precision, one-time forming, no need for follow-up processing, more than ten times faster than wire cutting, greatly improving processing efficiency, visual layout, close fit, saving materials. Advanced technology can improve your company's new product development speed and quickly recover equipment investment costs.

Product advantages

1. The system adopt marble gantry structure, which can effectively prevent vibration, more suitable for high-speed movement, and better stability.
2. Double working position mode, improve the processing efficiency.
3. The optical path of whole machine is conducted by optical fiber , and external optical path maintenance free, consumable parts is very small.
4. The main body of the machine adopts welding structure, after annealing to eliminate internal stress and finish processing , the rigidity and stability of the machine is greatly improved.
5. The installation and debugging of guide rail is tested by precision collimator, and the tolerance accuracy is less than 0.015mm.
6. Advanced edit software can maximize the utilization of materials, and has a unique function in the hole, sharp angle processing.

 Fiber laser Precision cutting head
Domestic high-quality fiber laser: good stability, long service life; greatly reduce operating costs, so that your benefits "price rise"   High induction accuracy and sensitive response; drawer lens box, more convenient operation; automatic focusing, cutting efficiency greatly improved.

Water cooling system

High Precision Machine Tool
The water circulating system is equipped with two groups of cooling water,low temperature water and normal  temperature water.Double temperature and double control
can meet the constant temperature requirement of fiber laser.

  The table is made of grade 00 marble with stable structure and precision ball screw drive with high speed and precision.


The items of Parameter Value The Items of Parameter Value
The wavelength of Laser 1064nm The Loading of Worktable 120kg
The Max Output Power 500w-1500w(Up to your order requirement) Continuous Working Time ≥20hours
Min line width 0.10mm Processing Range 600mm*600mm
Repetition Position Accuracy ±0.01mm Software The software has the function of segment selection and cutting
Processing Accuracy ±0.015mm Power Supply Three phase four line, alternating current 380V,≤7kw
The Max Position Velocity 80m/min Working  environment 10-35°,10%≤Humidity≤95%, No condensation
The Max Acceleration 1.0G Protective cover Full Enclosed Protective Cover
Control System CNC control software Other Configuration Air high pressure gun for removing dust