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Double Optical Path Fiber Transmission Welding Machine

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Double Optical Path Fiber Transmission Welding Machine couples high-energy beams into optical fibers and transmits for long distances, collimates them into parallel light through collimating mirror, and then focuses on the workpieces for welding. With cardan instrument it can connect with big size mould  and the precise parts which is difficult to get close to. The flexible transmission non-contact welding can be realized, which has greater flexibility. Laser beam can realize time and energy splitting, and can process multiple beams simultaneously, which provides conditions for more precise welding.

Technical advantages

1. High aspect ratio, small welding width, small heat-affected zone, small deformation and fast welding speed.
2. The weld seam is smooth. No need to process it or only a simple process after welding.
3. High welding seam quality and there is no pore. It can reduce and optimize the impurities of base metal. The structure can be refined after welding. The strength and toughness of weld metal are at least equal to or even exceed that of base metal.
4. It can be precisely controlled, with small focus point, high precision positioning and easy to realize automation. Welding between some different materials can be realized.

Application industries

Specifications Parameters Specifications Parameters
Laser source rated power 300W Beam divergence angle ≤5mrad
Laser wavelength 1064nm Power instability ≤±5%
Laser working material Nd YAG crystal Max input power 12KW
Max single pulse energy 75J@20ms Pulse frequency 1-150HZ Continue adjustable
Working voltage 100-300A Focusing mirror focal length 75-100m
Pulse width 0.5-20ms    

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