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Optical fiber transmission welding machine

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Optical fiber transmission laser welding machine couples high-energy beams into optical fibers and transmits for long distances, collimates them into parallel light through collimating mirror, and then focuses on the workpieces for welding. With cardan instrument it can connect with big size mould  and the precise parts which is difficult to get close to. The flexible transmission non-contact welding can be realized, which has greater flexibility. Laser beam can realize time and energy splitting, and can process multiple beams simultaneously, which provides conditions for more precise welding.

Technical advantages

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    Can be used for spot welding, butt welding, overlay welding and sealing welding on workpieces.
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Welding speed is fast, heat affected zone is small and deformation is small in welding process.
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     The weld is smooth. It needs no treatment after welding.
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Can be integrated with multi-beam welding to realize energy and time splitting.
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     Energy feedback laser power control to achieve consistency of welding effect from beginning to


Product Dimension




Application industries:


Specifications Parameters Specifications Parameters
Control system Energy negative feedback (optional) Energy stabilit <±2%
Wavelength 1064nm Positioning way Red light guide (CCD optional)
Max average power 200W/300W/400W Fiber output number Max 6 ways
Max pulse energy 60J/75J/100J Split type Energy split or time split
Max peak power 6KW/12KW Fiber diameter 200/300/400/600 μm
Pulse width 20ms Safety optical shuuter With optical shutter ON/OFF sensor
Repeat frequency 100Hz Power supply 3 phase 380V AC +10%-15% 50/60Hz

Applied materials:

Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, carbon steel, copper, etc.