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Pulse laser welding machine

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Pulsed fiber laser source series is new generation of infrared spectrum semiconductor pumped pulsed fiber laser, covering 75W to 450W. It is mainly used for spot welding and seam welding of thin-walled metal materials within 2mm thickness. It has higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, better beam quality and less maintenance cost. The biggest advantage of pulsed laser welding is that the overall temperature rise of the workpiece is very small, the heat impact range is small, and the workpiece deformation is small. Because of its unique characteristics, it has been successfully applied to welding of micro and small materials.

Technical advantages

  < 01
    Constant beam quality in full power range.
  < 02
       All-optical fiber structure has long service life and basically achieves maintenance-free.
    High peak power, can process copper, aluminum and other high reflection materials.
  < 04
       Up to 30% of the photoelectric conversion efficiency, economic, environmental protection.



Application industries:


Average power (continuous) 120W 250W 500W 750W
Average power (pulse) 75W 150W 300W 450W
Max peak power 750W 1500W 3000W 4500W
Max pulse energy 7.5J 1.5J 30J 45J
Consumption power 300W 600W 1200W 1800W
Input power 200-240.Single phase/340 340-420. 3 phase 5 wires
ModeWorking CW/Modulate  
Central wavelength 1080NM
Output power stability <2%
Guide light Red light
Power adjust range 10%-100%