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Laser welding machine for plastic specially

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This kind of laser welding machine can weld plastic parts of different compositions, different colors, different structures and different softening points. Laser welding is capable of welding areas that are not possible with other welding methods and is particularly suitable for products with complex shapes and three-dimensional geometries. Plastic laser welding is a vibration-free welding technology that greatly reduces the vibration stress and thermal stress of the product, reduces the aging speed of the product itself, and can be applied to plastic parts that are easily damaged.

Equipment Advantages
1. Non-contact welding, less material required than friction welding;
2. The equipment is highly automated and convenient for complex plastic parts processing;
3. There will be no flash and the welding is firm;
4. High precision welding parts can be obtained;
5. Can produce a gas tight or vacuum sealed structure;
6. Minimize thermal damage and thermal deformation;
7. It is possible to bond resins of different compositions or different colors together;

Industrial Applications
Automotive, medical technology, consumer electronics, toys, fixtures, supermarket shelves, etc.

  The automotive field:
    Fuel nozzles, shifting racks/engine sensors/cab racks/hydraulic mailbox/
    tire pressure monitoring/filter rack/headlights/taillights/car automatic door lock /
    car keyless access device and sensors;
    Electronic components, mice, mobile phones, connected devices, microphones, etc.;
     Medical fields:
     Liquid storage tanks, liquid filtration equipment, hose connectors,
     ostomy bags, hearing aids, implants, microfluidic devices for analysis, etc.;


 Product advantages

 Comparison of different plastic welding processes.


  Heated tool butt-welding Vibration friction welding Ultrasonic welding Laser welding machine for plastics
Advantages Low equipment costs,
Support manual operation;
Support multiworkpiece welding, support large parts
welding, short welding cycle;
Short welding cycle, support non-planar welding, low maintenance cost of equipment; Beautiful weld seam, no welding slag, no mechanical stress,
meet complex large-scale workpiece welding, support online monitoringprocess;short
welding cycle, high strength, high weldment yield, low equipment maintenance cost;
Disadvantages  Only for simple production, the substrate is easily over-melted and easy to "pull"; It is easy to produce debris and has large mechanical stress. It is limited to flat contour welding, weld seam and wide; It is prone to chipping, mechanical stress is large, and the workpiece is limited by shape and size; The initial equipment input cost is high, and there are special requirements for the performance of the substrate;



Laser power 100W
Laser wave length 808nm ± 10nm
M2 Laser Beam Quality <1.4
Welding range 200mm x 200mm(Accept customization)
Power consumption 500W
Input voltage AC 220V/50HZ
Position method Red color
Working Temperature 10%C~30℃
Working humidity <75
 Cooling method Air chiller

Specific applications include sealing/welding/connection: catheter pockets, medical containers, car remote control keys, cardiac pacemaker housings, syringe tamper-proof fittings, headlights or taillight assemblies, pump housings and mobile phone components.