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Special welding machine for the motor industry

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Independently developed by Wuhan CHLaser,this continuous fiber laser welding machine can meet the requirements of spot welding, continuous welding, penetration welding and sealing welding for thin wall materials and precision parts. With four-axis linkage working platform, this filer laser welding machine can match the requirements of spot welding, straight line welding, circumferential welding, etc. It has wide application range, high precision and fast speed. Usually used to silicon steel sheet, stainless steel, aluminum alloy equivalent, welding between dissimilar materials, widely used in new energy automotive motor core, mobile phone battery, electronic components, sensors and other industries.

Advantages of fiber laser welding:
Compared with traditional argon arc welding, continuous fiber laser welding has the following advantages:
1. The weld quality is high and flat, no pores, no secondary processing.
2, The weld has a higher aspect ratio, the heat affected area is smaller, the deformation is smaller, and the effect on the material itself is smaller.
3. Low welding temperature, fast welding speed, no carbonization, high weld toughness after welding, not easy to break.
4, No need for tungsten needles, it will avoid argon arc welding faults: easy to burn tungsten needles, often replace defects.
5, Simple operation, low requirements for personnel, high product consistency, quality assurance.

Working method Continuous
Polarization By random
Laser Power        1000W-2000W
Laser wavelength 1070-1080nm
Pulse Width 0.5-0.6ms
Best working temperature 0-40℃
Power output modulation frequency   500-5000Hz  
Power consumption 2KW
Operating voltage (single phase) 220±15%VAC
Output power adjustment range 10%-100%

Usually used to silicon steel sheet, stainless steel, aluminum alloy equivalent, welding between dissimilar materials.