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Handheld continuous 1000w optical fiber laser welder

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The hand-held laser welding machine replaces the previously fixed optical path with a hand-held welding gun, This hand-held equipment is flexible and convenient, and it has a long welding distance, overcomes the limitation of the space of the worktable, It can be automatically welded when the work pieces size is not uniform. Mainly for large work pieces, fixed positions such as inner corners, outer right angles, flat welds, small heat affected areas during welding, small deformation, and large welding depth with strong firmness. It is a relatively flexible new welding process for long distance welding of large work pieces.

Functions & Features
1. Use hand-held welding heads to weld the  large metal advertising characters ,this will overcome the limitations of the work space.
2. Moving advertising words to weld small metal advertising word by fixed welding head, , it’s easy to operate. The fixed welding head can be rotated universally to overcome the inconvenience of the conventional welding head in one direction rotation.
3. The hand-held welding head is equipped with ten meters of imported optical fiber, which is flexible and convenient for outdoor welding.
4. The operation mode of the hand-held welding torch can realize the welding of the work pieces at any angle at any angle.
5. It can do intelligent switching of double light path, and the time-division splitting energy will be balanced distribution
6. Suitable for all kinds of complex welds, spot welding of various devices.


Application industry


Laser power 1000W 1500W
Operating mode Continuous or pulse
Laser wavelength 1080nm
Laser beam quality M2<1.2
Output power stability ±2%
Total power ≤5KW ≤7KW
Applicable material Carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, etc.
Welding  range(thickness) ≤2mm ≤3mm
Welding line requirement <0.2mm
Molten pool width ≤4mm
Welding melt depth ≤2mm ≤3mm
Length of fiber cable 10M
Laser welding head Swing/non-swing
Cooling system Customized industrial grade dual-temperature&dual control chiller
Power requirements 380V±10% 3P+PE
Working environment temperature range 15-35℃
Working environment humidity range 70% No condensation

Applicable to a variety of advertising and lighting and mold industries, Photoelectric communication devices, medical, electronics, copper, aluminum and small welding processing industries.

1. Laser welding of sheet metal, chassis and water tank.
2. All kinds of hardware lighting laser welding.
3. Door and window frame laser welding.
4. Kitchen, wash basin hardware laser sealing welding.
5. Billboard, advertising word laser welding.