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CX-CE500 Continuous laser welding machine

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Our continuous laser welding machine adopts fiber laser source, super high output power, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, with the advantages of small volume, high quality beam quality, reliability and maintenance-free, etc. This machine adopts fully enclosed, laser radiation-proof design welding worktable, intelligent operation, optical, mechanical, water, electricity and gas systems, high automation, and equipped with CCD liquid crystal monitoring and observation system. Observe product positioning and welding effect clearly according to red light indication. With safety protection switch and emergency stop button, the whole laser meets the international safety standards.

Product advantages

1. High output power and high photoelectric conversion efficiency. 2. Water cooling machine: It meets the need of continuous operation of laser for a long time (≥24h) and is economical and efficient.
3. Lower power consumption: Fiber laser source are 15 times more efficient than conventional lasers in optoelectronic conversion. 4. Special automatic fixture can be customized to realize mass production with high automation.
5. CCD LCD monitoring and observation system can clearly observe product positioning and welding effect according to the red light indication. 6. Fully enclosed laser radiation protection design workbench, equipped with safety protection shutter and emergency stop button, is safer.

Application industries
Optical fiber continuous laser welding machine is used in optical communication devices, IT, medical, electronic, battery, optical fiber coupler, kinescope electron gun, metal parts.

Specifications Parameters Specifications Parameters
Operation Mode Continuous Environment humidity 10-40℃
Polarization state Random Power output modulation frequency 500-5000Hz
Rated power 500W Power consumption 2KW
Wavelength 1070-1080nm Working voltage (single phase) 220±15%VAC
Pulse width 0.5-0.6ms Output power range 10%-100%