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CX-Q100 series mini desktop fiber laser marking machine

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The CX-Q100 series mini desktop type utilizes the leading brand fiber laser source, multifunctional marking software (runs on Window XP/Win7 32 bits operating system), all-digital high speed scanner, and other qualified integrated units. It is fast speed, high stability and user-friendly. Most importantly, it is maintenance-free. This 1064nm wavelength laser is made for the application of all meatal materials and some non-metal materials with perfect laser beam quality and long service life (100,000 hours).

System features:
l Small size compact design, light weight.
Fully enclosed protection design, radiation protection, safety and reliable.
Electric focusing, double red light focusing.
l Adopt high quality fiber laser and high speed digital scanning galvanometer ,stable output.
l Optical fiber conduction, beam quality is better.
Good in beam quality, high marking precision. Suitable for marking small workpieces.
Laptop and industrial computer optional.
l The control software adopts WINDOWS interface, and can be compatible with the text output from CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP and other software. It supports PLT, DXF, PCX, BMP and other common graphics file formats. It can directly use SHX, TTF font library, support automatic coding, variable text, serial number, batch number, date, various bar codes and two-dimensional code marking, and also support back typing function.
l Strong environmental adaptability. Its high flexibility and reliability are suitable for marking and processing of most metals and some non-metallic materials and all industry applications.
l Fiber laser, excellent beam quality, high stability(100000 hours trouble-free).
l User-friendly interface program, multifunctional, support graphic formats from AutoCAD, CorelDraw, and more. 
l Qualified integrated units insure higher reliability of the whole system .
l Excellent marking quality.
High reliability, high stability, high security.
l Low energy consumption, 100,000 hours lifetime, without any consumable and no need of maintenance.


Application Industies



Fiber laser marking machine can mark logos, numbers ,bar codes, two-dimension codes, photos, texts on all metal materials and some non-metal materials.