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CO2 Laser Marking Machine for plastic

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CO2 laser marking machine, CO2 laser is a gas laser, which produces a wavelength of 10.6um, belonging to the mid-infrared frequency band. CO2 laser with larger power and higher electro-optical conversion rate is the most powerful laser at present. . The carbon dioxide laser is charged into the discharge tube with CO2 and other auxiliary gases. When a high voltage is applied to the electrode, a glow discharge is generated in the discharge tube, so that the gas molecules can release the laser, and the laser energy released can be amplified, and then the laser processing can be performed.


1. Green -environmental
   Using high-quality carbon dioxide laser technology, air cooling, low operating 
   cost,environmental protection and pollution-free.
2. Easy to learn and use
   Equipped with PC controller, the operation is simple and convenient, and the 
   interface is easy to learn and use.
3. Red light positioning
   Unique red positioning beam optics technology, which can project red cursor 
   area at product printing position, which is convenient for precise positioning 
   and adjustment of marking position, reducing error rate.
4. Flight marking
   Suitable for a variety of fully automatic slow feed integrated systems, conveyor
   marking and other flight marking.
5. Marking content is diverse
   Markable text, data, batch number, serial number, QR code, barcode, pattern 
   and real time,etc., and the text is too small and the depth is adjustable.
6. Adaptability
   Suitable for aesthetic, high-definition permanent information identification on
   non-metallic surfaces in beverage, food, pharmaceutical, tobacco, daily     
   chemical, electronics,leather,ceramics, rubber, etc.

 Model  CX-Q50
 Laser output power   30W/50W/100W
 Laser wavelength 10640nm
 Working area(standard)  110*110mm
 Marking depth  <8mm
 Repeated accuracy   ±0.01mm
 Min.Line Width  0.1mm
 Min.Charactor  0.4mm
 Marking speed  0-7000mm/s
 Power supply  220V/single/50Hz

Application industry:
1. Mainly used in non-metallic materials, such as wood, glass, formwork, leather and other industries.
2. Used in automobile and motorcycle parts, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communication, hardware products, tool accessories, precision instruments, glasses and clocks, jewelry, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipes, Medical equipment and other industries.
3. Wood industry, glass equipment, auto parts, daily packaging, craft jewelry, ceramic industry, chip industry, PVC industry.