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3D dynamic laser marking machine

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CX-3D laser marking series, 3-Axis Control, three-axis control of the same type of laser ultra-high power output. At present, the most widely used are mainly automobile and motorcycle parts and metals. Alloys and oxides, ABS, epoxy resin,communication products, plastic buttons, integrated circuits (ICs), electronic components, hardware tools, sanitary ware, clothing accessories, aerospace and other industries, most of them use laser marking machines to directly mark such as company names and trademarks, products on related products. Chinese characters, graphics, numbers and letters related to specifications, shifts, serial numbers, security codes, etc., instead of traditional marking methods such as mechanical, printing, chemical etching,and inkjet printing.


1.Suitable for the engraving on various shape.
   Three axis control system can automatically realize the adjustment of focus. in a variety of stairs, concave and convex surface can achieve undifferentiated marking.
2.The larger processing range.
   Under the premise of standard marking range, Z axis can achieve 40mm zoom marking, the range is larger.
3.The higher precision.
   Three axis control system can arbitrarily change the focus of laser marking,and eliminate the area distortion, distortion and spot deviation caused by the characteristics of traditional
F lens.
4.Suitable engraving depth.
   In the processing of marking, the system will automatically adjust the focus, and make sure to process the surface with the highest energy density, so that the marking depth is deeper.


Application Industies


  Laser   Model   CX-3D
  Output Power   30w   50w   100w
  Pulse energy   1mj   1mj   1mj
  Reptition Frequency   30K-200KHZ   50K-200KHZ   5K-100KHZ
  Laser Wavelength   1064nm   1064nm   1064nm
  Process   Marking Range   110*110mm   110*110mm   175*175mm
  Optional Range   175*175mm 300*300mm   175*175mm 300*300mm   300*300mm
  Focusing Range   ≤±20mm   ≤±20mm   ≤±20mm
  Marking Method   XYZ 3-axis dynamic focus
  Min. Linear Width   0.03mm   0.03mm   0.03mm
  Software   Marking Liner Speed   ≤10000mm/s   ≤10000mm/s   ≤10000mm/s
  Support Font   TrueType font, AUTOCAD single line font, customize font
  operating system   WINXP/WIN7/ full 3D view operation

  Environmental  requirements

  Temperature 10°C-35°C Humidity: 5%-75%
  Input Power   Single phase 110V/220V/optional/50~60HZ
  Powwer Consumption   ≤750W   ≤1200W   ≤1500W
  Cool System   Air Cool   Air Cool   Air Cool
  Control interface   PCI-Express/USB-2.0 optional

Laser applied to three-dimensional surface of a variety of metal or non-metallic product marking,widely used in mobile phone manufacturing
three-dimensional laser tag,three-dimensional circuits,medical equipment,mold,3C electronics,auto parts,electronic products,telecommunications
and other industries.